Keybindings for navigating PDF documents

Scroll Up / Down by Page-fullspace / backspace
Scroll Up / Down by LineC-n / C-p
Scroll Right / LeftC-f / C-b
First Page / Last Page<, M-< / >, M->
Next Page / Previous Pagen / p
Incremental Search Forward / BackwardC-s / C-r
Occur (list all lines containing a phrase)M-s o
Jump to Occur LineRETURN
Pick a Link and JumpF
Incremental Search in Linksf
History Back / Forwardsl / r
Display Outlineo
Jump to Section from OutlineRETURN
Jump to PageM-g g
Store position / Jump to position in registerm / '

Note that pdf-tools renders the PDF as images inside Emacs. This means that all the keybindings of image-mode work on individual PDF pages as well.

Image Mode
image-scroll-rightC-x > / <remap> <scroll-right>
image-scroll-leftC-x < / <remap> <scroll-left>
image-scroll-upC-v / <remap> <scroll-up>
image-scroll-downM-v / <remap> <scroll-down>
image-forward-hscrollC-f / right / <remap> <forward-char>
image-backward-hscrollC-b / left / <remap> <backward-char>
image-bob<remap> <beginning-of-buffer>
image-eob<remap> <end-of-buffer>
image-bol<remap> <move-beginning-of-line>
image-eol<remap> <move-end-of-line>
image-scroll-down<remap> <scroll-down>
image-scroll-up<remap> <scroll-up>
image-scroll-left<remap> <scroll-left>
image-scroll-right<remap> <scroll-right>