Installing pdf-tools elisp code

pdf-tools requires tablist package (>= version 0.70) to be installed, for it to work correctly. Please make sure that the latest version of tablist is installed.

We have already run the steps necessary to install pdf-tools as part of the server installation! These are:

$ git clone
$ cd /path/to/pdf-tools
$ make -s

If the make command produced the ELP file pdf-tools-${VERSION}.tar you are fine! This package contains all the necessary files for Emacs and may be installed by either using

$ make install-package

or executing the Emacs command

M-x package-install-file RET pdf-tools-${VERSION}.tar RET

You can test if the package has been installed correctly, by running

M-x pdf-info-check-epdfinfo RET

To complete the installation process, you need to activate the package by putting the code below somewhere in your .emacs. Alternatively, and if you care about startup time, you may want to use the loader version instead.

(pdf-tools-install)  ; Standard activation command
(pdf-loader-install) ; On demand loading, leads to faster startup time

Once the Installation process is complete, check out Easy Help for PDF Tools features and Configuring PDF Tools features to get started!